Fee-Only Goal Based Financial Planning


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Investment planning

Many people don’t understand what their investments are or what they should be doing. In a well-constructed portfolio, each investment should fulfill a specific function and should be appropriate for your unique situation. Your portfolio will work harder for you when it contains investments and uses strategies that have been selected based on your needs. As fee-only financial advisors, we will provide you with objective, unbiased investment recommendations you need to make the best investment decisions.

Retirement planning

Retirement planning is about achieving financial security and peace of mind. We'll help answer the questions "how much money do I need to retire?" and "when can I retire?" Knowing that you will have enough money, even when the unexpected happens, is critical to any financial plan. But retirement isn't just about money; it's also about personal fulfillment and enjoyment. It's what we refer to as "financial independence." We will help you plan to get the most from your retirement years.



estate planning

It can be uncomfortable to think about death and what will happen to our loved ones and our possessions after we’re gone. What’s even more uncomfortable is to think about the state deciding what happens because we didn’t take the time to plan.

Estate planning goes well beyond making a will. It involves decisions in many different areas, including the naming of a guardian for minor children and special provisions for mentally or physically disabled children, medical directives and other end-of-life considerations, how to minimize or eliminate estate taxes, how to best handle gifts or bequests to charities, whether a trust is right for your situation, and how to most effectively transfer ownership of a small business.

We will evaluate with you the pertinent estate issues that impact your life and consider choices that you can then implement with your attorney.


college planning

Saving for college is a significant financial planning issue for most families. Median family income has not increased nearly enough to keep pace with rising college costs. And while there are numerous sources of funding available, identifying the right mix of alternatives and maximizing their use is a complex and confusing process. The good news is that there are ways for families of any income level to effectively save for future college costs, and we can help you determine the best way for you and your family.


insurance planning

You will spend many thousands of dollars on insurance premiums during your lifetime. At various times you will probably pay for health insurance, disability insurance, auto insurance, property insurance, life insurance, and more. Determining how much coverage you need, what risks you can afford to self-insure, where you should buy your insurance, and how much you should pay for it are vitally important to your financial security. We will discuss these issues in detail and help you spend your insurance dollars wisely. This will probably be the only time you will discuss insurance needs with someone who isn't trying to sell you a policy.

Cash Flow.jpg

cash flow planning

Say the word “budgeting” and most people will cringe or groan. They immediately think of tedious record keeping and then start feeling deprived. But all budgeting means is deciding how you will spend your money in advance so that you are making regular progress toward your financial independence.

We’ll help you understand the difference between good and bad debt, make sure you have enough set aside for emergencies and special opportunities, and, if needed, help you gain control over your spending.

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employee benefits

We'll review your employee benefits and make sure the options you have selected align with your financial goals and tax planning strategies. Additionally, we can help you manage complex benefits such as ESOPs, equity positions, profit sharing and others. 

special circumstances

Our services also extend to help you make sense of life's fortunate and unfortunate events, not limited to:

  • Inheritance
  • Windfall
  • Divorce
  • Widow/Widower